The hybrid work future

Offices are reopening, but all signs point to a future where remote work plays a role that would not have seemed possible a year and a half ago.

Campaign targets state parole system reform

The People’s Campaign for Parole Justice, with the support of more than 300 organizations, hopes to win passage of two measures in Albany: the Elder Parole Bill and Fair and Timely Parole Bill.

Hipsters one and all

“A Pharaoh’s Lonely Ego” is a homegrown cinematic gem written, directed and scored by and starring Austin Lake—plus upwards of 50 Rochester scenesters.

A never-ending threat

Cyberattacks are growing in number and scope, and government agencies are now the most frequent organizational target of hackers. “The good guys have to protect against every possible way in,” says one expert. “The hackers only need to exploit one.

A bridge between cultures

Friendship with other members of the Rochester community can play a pivotal role in helping immigrants navigate the challenges of starting a new life here.