A never-ending threat

Cyberattacks are growing in number and scope, and government agencies are now the most frequent organizational target of hackers. “The good guys have to protect against every possible way in,” says one expert. “The hackers only need to exploit one.

Zach King’s rapid rise

The 28-year-old, who got his first job in politics only five years ago, today leads the Monroe County Democratic Committee. He aims to help the at-times fractious party achieve a long-sought goal: winning a majority in the County Legislature.

Malik Evans on the high road

In his bid to unseat incumbent Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren, City Council member Malik Evans aims to focus on “building bridges” and not respond to political attacks. He has four and a half months to prove it’s a winning strategy.

A hopeful beginning

More than 80 percent of Rochester Beacon readers who took part in a poll following Joe Biden’s inauguration said they are somewhat or very confident the new president will be a unifying leader.

Morelle: ‘History will judge us’

Monroe County’s Democratic representative on Capitol Hill says impeachment is necessary because “Donald Trump’s actions and rhetoric clearly demonstrate that he is unfit for the presidency.”