Board denies Moore’s 20th bid for parole

James Moore, New York’s longest-serving inmate, has been in prison since pleading guilty in 1963 to the murder of a Penfield teenager. Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley submitted a petition opposing his release.

The public defenders’ burden

For 25 years, Julie Cianca has represented indigent clients facing charges ranging from misdemeanors to murder. Now, new state standards could mean even heavier caseloads for Cianca and her colleagues in the Monroe County Public Defender’s Office.

The D.A.’s petition drive: for or against justice?

James Moore, who murdered teenager Pamela Moss in 1962, is New York State’s longest-serving prisoner. Each time Moore’s case comes up for parole, the Monroe County district attorney circulates a petition opposing his release. Should these petitions continue? 

Copyright case awaits further action

Rochester Institute of Technology is once again enmeshed in a dispute with film critic Stanley Kauffman’s estate. A recent circuit court reversal leaves RIT with virtually no options other than settling the suit or taking its chances in a jury trial.