Don’t blame the Electoral College

The “winner take all” system for guiding the votes of a state’s electors is responsible for most of difference between the national popular vote and the Electoral College result. The blame, however, rests with the states, not the Constitution.

The money trail

Candidates in the 25th and 27th District congressional races collectively boosted their campaign coffers with $1.5 million in special interest money. Who were the biggest donors?

Industrial recruitment poker

Though Amazon says publicly that the Long Island City site for “HQ2½”—half of Amazon’s proposed second headquarters—was not determined by state incentives, would Long Island City have won its bid without them?

Mr. Morelle goes to Washington

Any attempt to exemplify decency and civility in Washington is likely to be mocked as naïve and Capraesque. As he heads to Congress, does Joe Morelle have the courage to champion civility?

When scalping goes digital

More than $4,000 for a ticket to “Hamilton” during its 2019 Rochester run? That’s the going rate online for some seats. Prospective buyers beware: Secondary sellers not only charge much more than the ticket’s face value; they often don’t possess the tickets they are selling.

Is single payer in New York the answer?

A tribal conflict over the fate of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act has rekindled support for universal access and the single-payer model. The Rochester Beacon asked the St. Joseph Neighborhood Center’s Sr. Christine Wagner and former Excellus CEO David Klein to address this important topic.