Dismantling barriers to educational learning and success

Rochester school board officials and the administration speak of equity, diversity, and inclusion but often fail at modeling in these areas while also failing to prepare students for their future by being less than truthful about their education.

The national debt still matters

Both Democrats and Republicans need to stop pretending that endless red ink has no consequences. Yet candidates in this election cycle have barely mentioned federal debt and deficits.

Chautauqua’s strength of spirit

For nearly 150 years, the Chautauqua Institution has been dedicated to the exploration of the best in human values. It will remain a uniquely special place even after the horrific attack on Salman Rushdie.

A danger to Black and brown New Yorkers

Lee Zeldin, the Republican nominee for New York governor, has renewed his calls for pretrial jailing based on predictions of future “dangerousness.” This standard plays upon people’s sense of fear and vulnerability to gut bail reform.

Reparations. Finally.

Financial compensation for four centuries of government-sanctioned white supremacy would be an admission of responsibility and a beginning point for healing.