The positive trajectory of the UR-East High partnership

The Educational Partnership Organization’s significant investment in East High went beyond financial resources. It involved highly qualified teachers and staff with the heart and fortitude to do the work and to reexamine their own practices, resulting in a program that aligns with a clear vision for academic achievement and preparation of scholars for college and career.

Lessons of the Hour: a review

Isaac Julien’s video installation tells a visually splendid story, but doesn’t ground Douglass in his marriage, his children, his Blackness. It evades the hideousness and savagery of bondage and forced labor, in order to construct mythic imagery.

Privacy law is coming

Privacy law is picking up steam across the country and abroad, with numerous bills threatening hefty fines or consumer class-action liability for noncompliance. Because compliance takes time, businesses must begin efforts now to comply with privacy laws not yet in force, even while it remains unclear who it is that will ultimately do the regulating.

Connecting the dots on ‘Connections’

On WXXI’s talk show, time did not allow a full rebuttal to another guest’s assertion that wealth is “immoral” and “obscene.” What’s really wrong in New York is how the government aggregates power by taking money out of the economy and creating criteria by which we might get it back.

Looking for career preparation? Consider the liberal arts

In the context of workforce development, liberal arts programs and courses are often overlooked except for their capacity to instill students with the “soft skills.” And yet, the modern tech boom is replete with stories of startup founders, presidents and CEOs who studied the liberal arts.