Centering ourselves

Women of color in the arts and culture sector are leaders. Just because the mainstream arts community has not recognized this reality with jobs, funding, awards and other forms of professional recognition does not mean it isn’t so.

Rochester’s misdirected war on poverty

The only way out of poverty is to get a job and then add enough value to be able to retain that job. To that end, the sole focus must now be to advocate for a city school system that teaches the skills and personal traits needed to advance economically.

Why Rochester struggles to compete

Compared to rapidly growing metros such as Charlotte, N.C., Rochesterians need to be realistic about the community’s advantages and its disadvantages—chiefly the costs of excessive local and state government.

The way to regional economic success

America’s “less-traveled road” has been our collective failure to commercialize our remarkable array of advanced technology innovations. Let’s change the paths we travel and move aggressively to build a new technology entrepreneurship ecosystem in Western New York.

New York City’s Amazon debacle

New York City’s loss of 25,000 well-paying jobs is significant. Not only is this a foregone opportunity for residents, but it tells companies considering future projects that New York’s political leadership is divided.