Our challenge going forward

When the COVID-19 pandemic recedes, will we return to our often-siloed ways? Or will we start to build bridges toward a more equitable future?

A sea of doors

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world in ways that did not seem possible only weeks ago. Yet it’s also a time to appreciate our blessings.

The (sometimes un-) Affordable Care Act

Though the ACA has succeeded in reducing the percentage of New Yorkers without health insurance and ensures that people with pre-existing conditions can buy health insurance, many New Yorkers continue to face high health care costs.

Changing how we think about violence

For the last two years, the Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence and its partners have coordinated a campaign, Nonviolence Now, using media to promote peacebuilding. The project is now in its second phase, engaging younger consumers ages 18 to 35.

Don’t back away from bail reform

Since cash bail for most misdemeanors and nonviolent offenses ended in New York on Jan.1, it has brought pretrial detention into focus. However, lost in the current debate on bail reform is what led to these historic changes.

Albany’s false notion of prosperity

Private capital invested in promising enterprises drives economic growth. That’s why government “investments” in Upstate New York produce disappointing results.