In chloroquine’s shadow

Antiviral remdesivir, now in clinical trials here, could be the best hope to combat COVID-19. But statements by President Trump have put the spotlight on antimalarial drugs of unproven effectiveness against the coronavirus.

Providers equipped to tackle rising COVID-19 cases

For the next two weeks, Monroe County’s health care resources are adequate to deal with the still-growing number of coronavirus cases. After that, keeping the advance of the virus in check will depend on the success of social-distancing efforts.

Nursing homes’ coronavirus response

With two COVID-19 cases already identified at area skilled nursing and senior living complexes, officials have put in place tight restrictions to protect against spread of the disease among residents and staff.

A hopeful antidote

An antiviral treatment effective against the new coronavirus could become available in as little as three months and tested on local patients even sooner.