The Parkinson’s risk next door

Once on the wane, the devastating disorder is now the world’s fastest-growing brain disease. Ray Dorsey M.D., a neurologist and UR Medical Center researcher, says harmful chemicals that pervade our environment are a key factor.

RGH nurses vote to unionize

A total of 759 Rochester General Hospital nurses cast votes in the election, with 431 voting in favor of forming a union and 239 voting no.

UR deal to boost Sana Biotechnology

The agreement will allow the Seattle-based firm to build out its operations at the UR Medical Center’s cell-based manufacturing facility to support research and development of investigational therapies.

The shortage hitting CT scans

The flow of contrast dye, an iodine-based compound vital for certain medical scans, has dried up. The cause: a COVID-related lockdown in Shanghai, location of a GE Healthcare plant that produces much of the world’s supply.