Agriculture startups from granola to cannabis

Entrepreneurial journeys can inspire other business owners, creating a community that celebrates innovation. Listen to a conversation with two agricultural entrepreneurs Michele Liddle and Zach Sarkis.

A conversation with the inventor of the digital camera

Kodak engineer Steven Sasson’s invention of digital photography and its aftermath still have many lessons for Rochester today. As Sasson says in an audio interview with the Beacon, nothing is forever, big changes are inevitable—and seemingly minor projects may someday become the basis for giant new industries.

A different growth model

Rochester has a number of nonprofit business incubators designed to assist fledgling firms. Now, two for-profit businesses—Innovative Solutions and Envative—are getting into the game.

Saving laser research

It was only a few months ago that the University of Rochester’s Laser Lab was uncertain about its future. Now, it has joined eight other high-intensity laser facilities tasked with restoring the nation’s competitive edge in laser research.