Mara Ahmed’s unwavering lens

In the wake of 9/11, the Pakistan-born activist filmmaker left a job in corporate finance to unflinchingly explore issues like racism, Islamophobia and geopolitical upheaval at a human level.

RIP, Obamacare

We stand watch at Obamacare’s bedside today, filled with uncertainty about the timing of its demise and what will follow. This is likely to be a bad death, filled with misery and leaving behind discord.

A healthy Rochester is more than great health care

A pedestrian or cyclist is involved in a crash 1.3 times a day in Rochester. It’s time for a major, community-wide effort to reduce pedestrian and bicycle injuries and deaths caused by driver error.

Why the Rochester Beacon?

Some think it’s necessary for journalists to dumb things down to gain an audience online. We believe there’s a better way, one that spans news and investigative reporting, analysis and opinion grounded in facts.