Living her science

Amani Allen, a researcher focused on race and socioeconomic health disparities, might be in the process of being robbed of nearly 10 years of her life, a victim of being female and black.

How Anthony inspires young female leaders

The suffragist and social reformer’s resilience in the face of countless obstacles continues to motivate women at the helm of businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Labor, temperance, and the vote

Susan B. Anthony’s reform work encompassed various causes. She saw voting rights as a means to address economic and social, as well as political, inequality.

Susan B. Anthony’s Rochester

The suffragist spent much of her life away from the Flower City, but it was here that Anthony planted her roots as a reformer and established her skills as an organizer and agitator.

Travel hacks from Vietnam and Cambodia

International travel—even to adventurous destinations—has gotten much easier as technology provides new tools for navigating day-to-day needs.

Student startups from the inside

At a recent RocGrowth event, Seerwise founder Brandon Hudson and WetWare BioSystems founder Andrew Kaseman discussed the advantages and challenges of entrepreneurship while attending college.