Kodak’s long shadow

Employment and GDP data reveal the impact of Kodak’s decline on the Rochester metro economy.

Small business survival in a big-box universe

Vittorio Menswear & Tuxedo’s sideline—shipping and receiving UPS packages—illustrates the creativity locally owned shops must have to hold their own against national competitors.

AIM aid needs an overhaul

We would think that the state’s Aid and Incentives for Municipalities should be driven by a formula based on community need? If that’s the case, the formula seems to work poorly.

How do we measure poverty?

The official poverty threshold is equal to three times the cost of a minimum food diet in 1963, adjusted for family size. Is it an adequate measure?

Industrial recruitment poker

Though Amazon says publicly that the Long Island City site for “HQ2½”—half of Amazon’s proposed second headquarters—was not determined by state incentives, would Long Island City have won its bid without them?

Halfway to single payer?

The Great Society programs of Lyndon Johnson began a sea change in health care finance. The public health insurance share has risen from 5 percent in 1965 to 41 percent today.