The facts on the New York State budget

When Gov. Andrew Cuomo introduces his Executive Budget proposal, how will he propose to close the projected $6.1 billion budget gap. By controlling spending, not new taxes.

Is Bello’s big advantage enough?

In Monroe County, Democrats outnumber Republicans by more than 60,000 registered voters. But that alone might not carry Adam Bello to victory over GOP incumbent Cheryl Dinolfo in next week’s county executive election.

Which way forward?

Kendra Evans helped organize the 2016 Unity Walk against racism in Pittsford and co-founded PittsForward, a nonpartisan, grassroots initiative. Now she is running on the Democratic line against incumbent Supervisor Bill Smith, a Republican. Evans says she wants to spur “meaningful movement forward,” but can she win over those who believe efforts like PittsForward polarize the town?