A digital tool designed for doctors

UR graduate student Jesse Wang’s prototype of a virtual assistant for physicians, called the Digital Scribe, recently won the Audience Choice Award at the American College of Physicians’ Innovation Challenge.

Full steam ahead for Imagine RIT

Returning for its 12th year, the annual festival has become a major showcase for creativity, innovation and problem-solving involving science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math.

The Luminate wager

Led by Sujatha Ramanujan, Luminate has the potential to further Rochester’s position at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies related to the manipulation of photons. If successful, it could silence skeptics who view the program as a passing fancy or believe the optics industry in Rochester is yesterday’s news.

Martin Babinec’s 5 keys to startup success

Entrepreneur Martin Babinec offered advice as the Spring Lecture speaker at the University of Rochester’s Ain Center for Entrepreneurship. His tips don’t include having a big idea but underscore the need to learn, give and deliver.

A conversation with the inventor of the digital camera

Kodak engineer Steven Sasson’s invention of digital photography and its aftermath still have many lessons for Rochester today. As Sasson says in an audio interview with the Beacon, nothing is forever, big changes are inevitable—and seemingly minor projects may someday become the basis for giant new industries.

A different growth model

Rochester has a number of nonprofit business incubators designed to assist fledgling firms. Now, two for-profit businesses—Innovative Solutions and Envative—are getting into the game.